Return overpaid financial aid by the end of May

Financial aid payments can be returned through Kela's online customer service. If overpaid financial aid is not returned in time, it is collected back at 7.5% interest.

Students whose income for 2018 exceeds a specified annual limit can voluntarily return overpaid study grant and student housing supplement payments. The annual income limit and the voluntary repayment provision do not apply to the general housing allowance. Overpaid financial aid must be paid back by Friday, 31 May 2019.

Recipients of student financial aid can access Kela’s e-service at (Finnish) or (Swedish) to check preliminary information about their annual income and how it affects financial aid. An online bank user ID and password or a mobile ID are needed to log in to the service. The annual income details can be looked up by going to Opintotuki (Financial aid) > Tukikuukaudet (Months of financial aid) > Tulovalvonta (Income monitoring) > Vuositulot (Annual income).

A two-minute video, shows step by step how students can access Kela’s e-service and online calculators to check the amount of financial aid to return.

Financial aid payments can be returned conveniently online

Voluntary repayments of financial aid can be made online. Students can access Kela’s online customer service to see for which months they can return financial aid and how much their annual income limit will go up if they voluntarily return aid for those months. The voluntary repayment can be made right away as an online payment through the student’s bank. Alternatively, students can print out the information needed for the payment or ask Kela to send a payment form to their home address.

Students can also use the paper form OT16e to notify Kela of their intention to return financial aid voluntarily. The form must be submitted to Kela by 10 May 2019. Students who submit the form will be sent a pre-completed payment form.

Income limits can be checked online

Students who have received financial aid for 9 months can have up to 11,973 euros in other income. For students with 10 months of financial aid the limit is 10,650 euros. They can check their personal income limit via Kela’s online customer service or call 020 634 2550 between 9:00 and 15:00, Monday to Friday.

With the exception of study grant payments, all taxable earnings and investment income count as income at their gross value (before any deductions), as do scholarships and grants and income received from abroad. However, grants and scholarships intended for international student exchange programmes do not count as income. Students must check for themselves how much other income they have that counts against financial aid.

Students who received less financial aid for a particular month may choose to return that month’s financial aid payment. For higher education students, eligibility for financial aid is restored for each month for which they return financial aid.

Students whose income exceeds the annual limit and who do not return excess aid will be required to pay back the aid to Kela. In that case, the amount that must be paid back is 7.5% higher than if the aid had been returned voluntarily.

 In 2018, 27,750 students returned a total of 25.4 million euros voluntarily. Most of the voluntary repayments are made online.

Kela notifies the tax office of the amounts of financial aid repaid

The tax office has sent taxpayers a pre-completed tax return form. Repayments of financial aid received by the end of February are taken into account in the tax return. Kela will notify the tax office of the amounts of financial aid returned voluntarily between March and May 2019. This means that students need not revise their tax return on that account. The tax office will take into account all repayments when calculating students' final tax liability.

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