Self-employed persons to gain temporary eligibility for labour market subsidy

Self-employed persons can get labour market subsidy payments if they have stopped working as self-employed or if their income from self-employment is less than EUR 1,089.67 per month because of the coronavirus epidemic. They do not have to close their business altogether to qualify for labour market subsidy.

For self-employed persons wishing to apply for labour market subsidy, the first step is to register with TE Services as an unemployed jobseeker. After that, they can apply to Kela for labour market subsidy. Kela is creating an online application feature for self-employed persons. We will post more details on as soon as this feature becomes available on Kela’s e-service.

Self-employed persons can apply for labour market subsidy for the period beginning 16 March 2020. The application can be made retroactively.

Self-employed persons do not have to close their business altogether to qualify for labour market subsidy. They can continue to earn self-employment income while receiving labour market subsidy payments, but any income will reduce the labour market subsidy.

Any minor children that the recipient may have do not increase the labour market subsidy. The amount of the labour market subsidy per day is EUR 33.66, and it is taxable income.

The temporary changes being introduced will apply until 30 June 2020.

Labour market subsidy must be claimed before applying for social assistance

Basic social assistance is a last-resort form of financial aid which is affected by all of the income and assets available to the applicants and their families. Other social security benefits are counted as income. Before applying for basic social assistance, applicants must find out whether they might be entitled to other social benefits, including unemployment benefits, housing benefits, benefits for parents, or sickness allowance.

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