Social security by numbers: Kela’s Pocket Statistics provides a concise look at social protection in Finland

Kela paid 2,690 euros per resident in social security benefits during 2017. Pocket Statistics 2018 rounds up a collection of statistics on Kela-provided benefits and their recipients.

Kela paid a total of 14.8 billion euros in social security benefits last year. Health insurance reimbursements, at nearly 4 billion euros, represent more than a quarter of the total. Pension benefits (2.4 billion euros) are the second largest category of expenditures.

A total of 50 million customer contacts were made to Kela’s online service, call centres and customer service points during 2017. Administrative costs account for 3% of Kela’s total expenditure.

These are just some of the facts found in Kela’s latest Pocket Statistics, a concise collection of information about Kela-provided social benefits and their recipients. The statistics are for 2017, but some data for 2016 are included for comparison purposes.

- Now available online as a PDF file, Pocket Statistics is suitable for reading for example on a smartphone. The print version will come out in June 2018, says Vesa Ylönen, head of statistics at Kela.

Pocket Statistics is available free of charge in Finnish, Swedish and English.

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