The EU Disability Card will become available in Finland in May 2018

The EU Disability Card will be introduced in Finland in May 2018. After applying to Kela to confirm their eligibility, customers can order their card from the distributor. The distribution system is currently under development.

The EU Disability Card is optional and available for a fee. Its purpose is to help persons with disabilities communicate and engage with others both in Finland and within the EU.

By presenting the EU Disability Card, persons with disabilities can indicate their need for assistance for instance when travelling, attending events or accessing services. The adoption of a common EU-wide card will also facilitate customer service.

First make sure that you are eligible to receive an EU Disability Card

Persons wishing to apply for an EU Disability Card must have a decision from Kela or the municipal authorities that makes them eligible to receive the card. Some of the decisions entitle customers to have the symbol A marked on their card, which indicates that they need an assistant.

Applications are submitted to Kela

Send your application for an EU Disability Card to Kela. The application instructions and the application form will be available on Kela’s website and at starting May 2018. Application forms will also be available from Kela’s customer service points.

After receiving an application, Kela confirms that the applicant has been issued an official decision that makes the eligible to receive an EU Disability Card, and then gives the applicant permission to order.

Cards are ordered from the distributor

Once the right to receive an EU Disability Card has been confirmed, the customer will receive a message from the card distributor at an email address of their choosing. The message contains a link which the customer can use to access the ordering system.

Before submitting an order, the customer and their support person fill in the application online. The customer appends their photograph to the application and checks the information which has been precompleted by Kela. The customer can also add symbols or a QR code as further indication of the type of support they need.

The customer confirms the order by paying for the card, which is available at cost. The card is then sent to the customer by post.

Customers with questions about the card or the application process can contact the Disability Card Office by email or by calling customer service at no charge.

The EU Disability Card was developed as a collaborative project

Preparations for the introduction of the EU Disability Card began in 2016 as part of a project funded by the European Commission. Project participants include a wide range of disability advocacy organisations, service providers, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Kela and the National Institute for Health and Welfare. The introduction of the card is coordinated by the Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability. Starting from 2018, the development will be subsidised out of lottery proceeds by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations.

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