Unemployed persons can look up their activity status online

Online service allows customers to look up their accumulated activity since January 2018.

In order to qualify for full unemployment benefits, unemployed persons must meet an activity requirement by working at least 18 hours, earning at least 241 euros through self-employment, or participating for at least five days in employment promotion measures arranged by TE Services. The activity requirement must be fulfilled during a 65-day period.

Customers who have been granted unemployment benefits can now look up their activity status online.

  1. Sign in to Kela's online customer service (in Finnish and Swedish only) using your online bank ID or a mobile ID.
  2. Click on Aktiivisuustiedot (Activity details), which is on the left of the screen under Työttömyysturva (Unemployment security).
  3. You get a detailed list of all periods of employment or course participation that count towards the activity requirement. Also shown are periods in which no activity is required. 


Not all employment promotion courses count towards the activity requirement. They include interviews arranged by the TE Services, drawing up or reviewing an employment plan, and other counselling. Other activities that do not count towards the requirement include projects financed by the European Social Fund, projects arranged by educational institutions, independent employment services and projects arranged by the municipalities, and courses arranged by the labour market organisations.

The activity requirement applies to all unemployed job seekers who are receiving unemployment benefits. Kela sends a letter to persons whose unemployment benefit is reduced because they do not meet the activity requirement, notifying them of the decision to do so.

Informal caregivers and family caregivers as well as unemployed persons who receive a benefit on the basis of incapacity for work or disability are not subject to the activity requirement. Activity is also not required if an application for disability pension is pending or if a person is laid off temporarily for a short period of time.

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