Topics for organisational development

The key themes of Kela's development work are:

Kela and the health and social services reform

  • A new administrative tier consisting of 21 wellbeing services counties will be created as part of the health and social services reform. Starting from the beginning of 2023, health and social services as well as rescue services will be provided by these counties and the City of Helsinki.

  • Kela works closely together with the wellbeing services counties in order to ensure the seamless delivery of services to shared customers, while offering its information resources as a knowledge-based management tool at the regional level.

Sotebotti network

  • The plan for 2022 is to intensify collaboration among the network partners, to create an information resource for social service and healthcare organisations weighing whether to implement bot technologies, and to work together with the wellbeing services counties, the network of educational institutions and the national AuroraAI programme.