Amount, payment and taxation of the orphan's pension

The basic amount of the orphans' pension is EUR 60.49 per month. Kela pays two basic amounts, i.e. approximately EUR 120 per month, if both your parents have died.

In addition to the basic amount you can also receive an additional amount if you are aged under 18 years. The additional amount is affected by your other survivors’ pensions.

  • If the gross amounts of survivors' and assistance pensions that you receive from other payers than Kela total a maximum of EUR 56.29 per month, you can receive the full additional amount, i.e. EUR 91.49 per month.
  • If your other survivors' pensions exceed EUR 56.29 per month, the additional amount is reduced by half of the amount that exceeds EUR 56.29.
  • You will receive no additional amount, if your other pensions exceed EUR 239,21 per month.

If the deceased parent worked in an EU or EEA country or in Switzerland, both the basic amount and the additional amount may be reduced.


As a rule, Kela pays the orphan's pension to a minor child's parent or other legal guardian. If you have reached the age of 18 years and you are studying, the orphan's pension is paid into your bank account. The surviving spouse or other legal guardian can request that the orphan's pensions of younger children also be paid into the children's own bank accounts.

The payment date is determined by the recipient’s last initial. If banks are closed on the scheduled payment date, the pensions are paid on the nearest preceding banking day.

Family name A-K L-R S-Ö
Payment dates for the orphan's pension
Payment date 4th of the month 14th of the month 22nd of the month


Exceptional payment dates in 2021

  • A–K 1 April, 2 July, 3 September, 3 December
  • L–R 12 February, 12 March, 13 August, 12 November
  • S–Ö 21 May, 20 August



The orphan's pension is taxable income. A pension income deduction is made to the pension in the same manner as to the spouse's pension.

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