Orphan’s pension

The orphan's pension is a pension that is paid to a child aged under 18 years if his or her father, mother or other guardian (for instance, foster parent) dies.

Legislation on survivors' pensions is being reformed

An upcoming reform of the legislation on survivors’ pensions is intended as a response to the evolving needs of families and the society at large. The reform will improve unmarried partners’ economic security by making them eligible for spouses’ pensions and extend the right of children to orphan’s pension under the earnings-related pensions laws by two years. The changes are scheduled to become effective at the start of 2022.

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The orphan's pension is part of the survivors' pension scheme. There are two survivors' pension schemes in Finland: survivors' pensions under the National Pensions Act and under the earnings-related pension legislation, and they complement each other.

  • Kela pays a basic amount and an additional amount to the orphan's pension to persons aged under 18 years.
  • If the young person is studying, Kela continues to pay the basic amount until the person reaches the age of 21 years. This is also called an orphan's pension for students.
  • The authorised pension providers pay orphan's pensions to persons aged under 18 years. The pension is based on the employees’ and self-employed persons' pension that the deceased guardian had accrued.

Orphan's pension can also be granted from the statutory workers compensation scheme and also on the basis of voluntary accident insurance. If the deceased guardian had lived or worked abroad, the child may be entitled to survivors’ pension also from those countries.

Coordination with other benefits

If you receive a disability pension from Kela or a comparable pension from abroad while aged under 18 years or under 21 years, you are not entitled to an orphan's pension.

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