How to claim parental allowance

Claiming online is quick and easy

You can easily file the claim and supporting documentation via the online customer service system. Documents photographed with a phone are accepted if the photographs are clear.

Send a claim
  1. Claim parental allowance online. To log in to Kela's online customer service, use your online banking user ID and password or a mobile certificate.
  2. The start and end dates of the parental allowance must be indicated on the application. You can use this calculator to check them.
  3. The amount of the parental allowance depends on your income. Please note the following:
    • When you claim through the online customer service, the system shows the amount of your earnings according to the taxation data. The system also shows how high your annual income should be so that it is 20% higher than the earnings in the taxation. If you wish to claim based on your income for the preceding six months, your employer can provide your salary information through the online service for employers or on the Y17 form. Kela checks the income details for the 6-month period from the national incomes register, if the income is not stated in the documentation enclosed with the claim or if the income details are provided for only a part of the period. If the information in the national incomes register is insufficient, Kela will request further information directly from the employer.
    • If your employer pays you a salary during the parental leave, state in the application for what period you are paid a salary. Your employer can provide this information via the online service for employers, via the national incomes register or by completing a form (Y 17e).
    • If the expected due date of your child comes before the second-youngest child is 3 years old, and you claim the immediately preceding allowance based on the second-youngest child, you need not state that in the claim. This information will be available to Kela automatically when dealing with your claim.
  4. Scan or take a photo of supporting documents and send them over the Internet. Enclose with the claim:
    • If you have already had a postnatal health check-up at the time you are claiming parental allowance, submit a certificate showing that you have had a check-up along with your claim.

    • If you claim parental allowance before you have had a health check-up, submit the certificate afterwards through Kela's online customer service.

  5. Use Kela's online service to see whether your claim has been decided and when the allowance will be paid out.

Alternatively you can fill in and print out the application forms for parental benefits for mothers and fathers (SV 9e or SV 29ae) and send it with necessary attachments to Kela.

To qualify for the parental allowance, you must submit a certificate of having undergone a postnatal health check-up within 5 to 12 weeks of childbirth.

When to claim

File your claim at least a month before the payment of the parental allowance is set to start. Parental allowance can be claimed at the same time maternity allowance or paternity allowance. An extension to the parental allowance period for a mother who cares for the child alone must be applied for at the latest 1 month before the start of the extended period, i.e. the end of the parental allowance period.

Don't forget

Either the mother or father can take parental leave.

Students may be entitled to interest assistance. It is claimed on form OT 7 (in Finnish).

Notify Kela immediately of any changes in your circumstances, such as starting work or school. This will prevent overpayments of parental allowance, which you would have to pay back. You can make the notification via Kela's online customer service.

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