Parliamentary trustees 2015-2019

Kela’s administration and operations are supervised by 12 Parliamentary Trustees who are nominated by Parliament. The Trustees have a four-year term of office.   

The Trustees nominate Kela’s Board and the auditors. The Trustees approve the financial statements and accounting principles based on the recommendation of the Board and issue decisions on releasing the Board from liability. The Trustees also submit an annual report on their operations to Parliament.

Sari Sarkomaa, National Coalition Party
Alternate Eero Lehti, National Coalition Party

Deputy chair
Niilo Keränen, Centre Party
Alternate Antti Rantakangas, Centre Party

Leena Uikkanen, Director of Legal Affairs, Kela 

Trustees Alternates
Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto, Greens Party Ozan Yanar, Greens Party
Ritva Elomaa, Finns Party Mika Niikko, Finns Party
Hannakaisa Heikkinen, Centre Party Pertti Hakanen, Centre Party
Anneli Kiljunen, Social Democratic Party Ilmari Nurminen, Social Democratic Party
Jaana Laitinen-Pesola, National Coalition Party Sari Raassina, National Coalition Party
Anne Louhelainen, Blue Reform Vesa-Matti Saarakkala, Blue Reform
Leena Meri, Finns Party Jani Mäkelä, Finns Party
Kristiina Salonen, Social Democratic Party Satu Taavitsainen, Social Democratic Party
Eero Suutari, National Coalition Party Mari-Leena Talvitie, National Coalition Party
Martti Talja, Centre Party Elsi Katainen, Centre Party