Partial parental allowance

The parental allowance system is being reformed - are you on the right page?

The information on this page applies to your family if:

  • the estimated due date of your baby is before 4 September 2022
  • you are adopting and the child will be placed in your care on or before 30 July 2022.

Click here for further information on parental allowances when the estimated due date of the baby is on or after 4 September 2022.

The mother and the father may take partial parental leave at the same time, in which case Kela will pay partial parental allowance to both of them. A requirement for this is that both have a contract of part-time employment with their employer lasting at least 2 consecutive months during the period of parental allowance.


A requirement for the partial parental leave is that the parents reduce their working time to 40-60% of normal full-time hours and pay. Self-employed persons can take a partial parental leave as well by reducing their working time and pay correspondingly.

Also adoptive parents and those living in a registered partnership (civil union) are eligible for a partial parental allowance. Single parents and students are not eligible for the partial parental allowance.

Claim partial parental allowance in the OmaKela e-service

Send your claim and supporting documents through the OmaKela e-service. Documents photographed with a mobile phone are accepted if the pictures are clear and the text is legible.

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Another requirement is that you must have been entitled to coverage under the Finnish social security system for at least 180 days immediately before the expected due date for your child. Periods of insurance spent in other EU/EEA countries, Switzerland or Israel may count towards the 180-day requirement. If you move to Finland from another country, see the section From other countries to Finland.

If the working hours of one of the parents change with the result that they are no longer eligible for the partial parental allowance, the other parent's eligibility ends as well.

If you get partial parental allowance, you cannot get flexible care allowance or partial care allowance at the same time.

Length of the leave

Partial parental allowance is available for a maximum of 158 working days or a little over 6 months. Parents can also take partial parental allowance for a shorter period of time, for example with one of the parents first spending 3 months on parental leave and with the parents dividing the remaining 3 months between themselves.

Different types of families

Adoptive parents, parents in multiple families, stepfamilies and single-parent families can take partial parental leave on the same terms as other families.


The partial parental allowance is half the amount of the parental allowance. It is calculated for both parents separately. For more information, see the amount and payment of parental allowances.

How to claim partial parental allowance

  1. Claim partial parental allowance at least a month before the payment of the parental allowance is set to start.
  2. Claim partial parental allowance online.
  3. Both parents must complete their own claim.
  4. Scan or take a photo of supporting documents and send them online. Enclose with the claim:
    • part-time employment contracts for both parents, or, if they are self-employed, a reliable statement about the reduction in self-employment activity
    • a certificate showing that the mother has undergone a postnatal health check, unless provided earlier.
  5. Visit our e-service to see if your application has been decided, how much you will get and when you will be paid. You can also see any possible reminders concerning, for instance, documents missing from your application. A written decision on your application will be sent to you by post.

Alternatively you can fill in and print out the application form for parental benefits for mothers (SV 9e, PDF) or form for parental benefits for fathers (SV 29ae, PDF). Mail your application along with the supporting documents to Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA.

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