If you are unemployed or temporarily laid off, always register with TE Services first

The application process for unemployment benefits is speedier if you register as an unemployed jobseeker with TE Services immediately when the work ends. After that, you can receive unemployment benefits from the unemployment fund or from Kela.

Unemployed and laid-off (furloughed) persons who have not registered as unemployed jobseekers cannot receive unemployment benefits. Registering is necessary because only after the registration will the payer of the unemployment benefit receive a statement from TE Services about the person’s entitlement to unemployment benefits and be able to process the application. The processing of the application is delayed unnecessarily, if the person has not registered as an unemployed jobseeker.

The unemployment fund pays earnings-related unemployment allowance

If you are a member of an unemployment fund, you should primarily apply for an earnings-related unemployment allowance from the unemployment fund. Check the unemployment fund’s instructions for the application process and follow them.

Kela pays basic unemployment allowance and labour market subsidy

If you are not a member of an unemployment fund, you can apply to Kela for unemployment benefits. Kela pays basic unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy, and it is also possible to receive a child increase to these benefits. Clients are advised to send applications and supporting documents via Kela’s e-services. In the e-service you can also see if any supporting documents are missing or if the application must be supplemented in some other way.

If unemployment continues, you must regularly complete and file an unemployment status report. Indicate in the report for which days you have been unemployed, working or, for instance, ill.

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