Some service points offer service by appointment only 

Kela has taken steps to limit the spread of the coronavirus among its customers and personnel. The personnel at some of Kela's customer service points have been reassigned to work with phone service.

These service points are only open by appointment. Customers are advised to take care of Kela matters online or by phone.

Most of Kela's customer service points, almost 90 points, are open normally or almost normally. In addition 44 service points offer service only by appointment and 13 service points are closed since they are situated in facilities, that have been closed by municipalities.

Check online how the service points are open and if you need to book an appointment.

Online, by mail or by phone

Customers are recommended to use Kela’s e-service to submit applications and supporting documents. In the e-service customers can also see if any supporting documents are missing or if the application must be supplemented in some other way.

Customers who do not use the e-service are advised to send applications and supporting documentation to Kela by mail. Application forms can be printed from Kela’s website.

Customers who cannot use the e-service or mail their application on a paper form can make a verbal application. They can call Kela’s customer service number and book an appointment. Kela's customer service can also book an appointment to a customer service point.

Kela contacts customers if required

Customers are asked not to call Kela’s customer service phone numbers if the matter cannot be dealt with by the customer service personnel. The customer service personnel cannot, for instance, speed up the processing of applications or tell customers when they will receive a decision. Kela will contact any customers who are required to take additional action to complete their application or provide further information.

More advice and information online: Update on the corona virus situation. The web page will be updated as the situation develops.

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