A minor can get a COVID-19 certificate required for border crossing from My Kanta Pages or the healthcare service

A minor can get the EU test certificate, certificate of recovery and COVID-19 vaccination certificate from My Kanta Pages.  A certificate enabling border crossing can also be obtained as a printout from the healthcare service.

The EU test certificates and certificates of recovery have been available in My Kanta Pages since 14 July. It has been possible to obtain the EU Digital COVID Certificate from My Kanta Pages since 22 June. A minor can also get the certificates from My Kanta Pages.

Parents or guardians are able to view data concerning children under 10 years of age in My Kanta Pages. The data of a child under 10 years of age can be viewed by a parent or guardian if the patient data system used by the healthcare service has deployed a functionality for registering the minor’s decision-making capacity and consent to sharing data. Showing the data of a minor over 10 years of age in My Kanta Pages will be enabled in phases throughout Finland. However, the required functionality is still not utilised extensively in the healthcare service. For this reason, the COVID-19 vaccination certificate cannot necessarily be viewed by the parent or guardian of a child over 10 years of age.

If it is necessary for a minor to receive a COVID-19 certificate and the parent or guardian is unable to download the minor’s certificate from My Kanta Pages, the certificate can also be obtained in the following three ways:

  1. A minor can log in to My Kanta Pages themselves. To do so, they must have a means of identification, such as online banking codes or mobile certificate. The certificate is available to them although it is not shown to the parents or guardians.
  2. The healthcare services will be able to print out the EU Digital COVID Certificate for clients who are unable to get the certificate from My Kanta Pages. This also applies to certificates for minors. The rollout of the printing service has already started in the healthcare service, and the printing option must be available by 12 August 2021 at the latest.
  3. Before the printing service is deployed, the healthcare service can issue another alternative certificate that contains the same data as the EU Digital COVID Certificate. Other certificate than the EU COVID-19 certificate containing the QR code will be valid for border crossings at least until 12 August 2021. Even after that date, it will be possible to use another type of certificate at border crossing, but every country determines themselves which kind of certificate is accepted for entering the country. The EU Digital COVID Certificate is not the only possible certificate for travel purposes although it does make travel easier.

The passenger must find out before travelling which COVID-19 certificate a minor needs in order to enter the country of destination. For example, some countries do not require a COVID-19 certificate at all for children under 12.

Further information

Citizens’ questions about COVID-19 certificates

General advice

  • My Kanta Pages customer service: asiakaspalvelu@kanta.fi
  • Please note: It is not possible to check or edit personal health data in the customer service of My Kanta Pages. In these situations, please contact the healthcare unit that attended to your care.

Errors or omissions in the COVID-19 certificates

  • Healthcare service: the organisation where you were vaccinated or tested for COVID-19

Overseas certificate requirements, and the certificate practices of shipping companies and airlines

  • COVID-19-related websites of the country of destination or the shipping company’s or airline’s own websites and customer service channels
  • Re-open EU (europa.eu)