Anonymous user tracking introduced on the website – previously discovered data protection issued fixed

User tracking will be reinstated on the website. User tracking was suspended in April after it was discovered that the cookie bar asking visitors for their consent was broken and that cookies had collected visitors’ data without their consent. These data protection issues have now been resolved. User tracking will now function anonymously and without marketing cookies, and will not transmit data to social media companies or other third parties.

We collect data on visitors to our website for purposes of statistics and user analytics. The data helps us to ensure that our website works correctly and provides us with statistical data that allows us to develop the site further.

User tracking had to be suspended in April because it was discovered that a cookie bar which was deployed on between 28 March and 19 April 2022 was broken and that the cookies had collected users’ IP addresses without their consent. For data protection reasons, the cookies and the underlying user tracking were disabled temporarily on 19 April 2022. Kela treated the collection of user data as a data breach and reported it to the Data Protection Ombudsman.

According to development manager Päivi Bergman, Kela has now re-evaluated its cookie policies and remedied any data protection deficits. She says that before reinstating user tracking on, Kela will discontinue the use of targeting cookies and will only collect data anonymously. User tracking will be reinstated on 21 June 2022.

There is no user tracking in the OmaKela e-service, and no targeting cookies and consequently no third-party cookies have been deployed there.

The user tracking tool collects data anonymously in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Users cannot be identified based on their IP address or location, and data are never matched with e-service log-in data or other data used by Kela which allow the identification of users.

Kela protects users’ privacy

Kela is committed to protecting the privacy of the users visiting its websites.

Päivi Bergman says that Kela protects the data of individual users of Kela’s online services and has designed the services with full compliance with privacy and data protection requirements in mind. “The solutions we apply on also undergo an external audit”, she says.

Anonymous user tracking is used on the website. The cookies are always active and users are not expressly asked for their consent.

The data collected are stored on servers located in EU/EEA countries and are only available to Kela.

By adopting anonymous user tracking, we can protect the privacy of users. At the same time, we get the data we need to improve our site further.  In the coming autumn, Kela will launch an overhauled website that will no longer use any cookies to collect user statistics. Instead, statistical data will be obtained directly from the server.

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