First parents or guardians can now also view the data of minors over 10 years of age in My Kanta Pages

The new feature will become available as and when the healthcare organisations deploy the changes in their own patient data systems.The necessary changes have already been made in the Kanta Services, enabling the viewing of data concerning all minors by their parents or guardians in My Kanta Pages.

The healthcare services can now start producing data for viewing also by the parents and guardians of minors over 10 years of age. Until now, a parent or guardian has only been able to view the data concerning a child under 10 years of age in My Kanta Pages.

However, before the data of all minors can be shown to parents or guardians, the healthcare service must make the necessary changes in the patient data systems and provide training for staff concerning the recording of this data.

“Viewing of data by the parents or guardians of a child over 10 years of age has been welcomed, and it also makes the everyday lives of families easier. We hope that the healthcare organisations will be able to roll out the new functionality as soon as possible,” says Hanna Malinen, Kela’s Customer Relations Manager for the Kanta Services.

The Kanta Services supports the healthcare services and arranges training events for professionals to enable smooth introduction of the new operating model in the healthcare service. 

The change applies to new data only. Old data that has been recorded in the Kanta Services after the minor has turned 10, but before the current change, will not be visible to the parents or guardians in the future, either.

Young person’s right of self-determination taken into account in the new procedure

A minor has the right to decide whether to show their data to their parents or guardians in My Kanta Pages if the minor has been assessed by a healthcare unit to be capable of deciding on their own care. A healthcare professional assesses during every appointment or care period whether the minor is a capable of deciding on their care independently and, after the change currently taking place, enters the information in the patient data system.

The assessment is impacted by, e.g. the young person’s age, level of capability, and the matter at hand.

“The assessment and the decision on showing the data to the parents or guardians in My Kanta Pages are always made on a case-by-case basis. A young person who has been assessed capable of making decisions cannot categorically decide that their own data will never be shown to his or her parents or guardians,” Malinen emphasises.

The majority of young people who have been assessed to be capable of making decisions do want their parents or guardians to be able to view the data. However, there are situations where a young person has a justified reason to deny access to their data.

Some healthcare services have already implemented the changes in their patient data systems

The first healthcare organisations can already start showing data in My Kanta Pages to the parents and guardians of minors over 10 years of age. These include, e.g. Mustasaari and Vöyri basic healthcare service, Närpiö health and medical services, Maalahti-Korsnäs health centre, Kemiönsaari health services, Ålands hälso- och sjukvård, some private health clinics, and the opticians Silmäasema.

The new functionality has been deployed by the patient data system suppliers Atostek and Abilita.

My Kanta Pages is a citizen’s application

  • Healthcare services enter the medical data in the patient data system, from where it is transferred to the Kanta Services and is viewable in My Kanta Pages. You can also request a repeat prescription and record an organ donation and living will in My Kanta Pages. The popular service had more than 3 million logins in August.
  • A minor can also use My Kanta Pages independently. To use My Kanta Pages, you need a Finnish personal identity code, as well as online banking codes, mobile ID or an electronic identity card.
  • Kanta Services is also preparing the function of acting on behalf of a person over the age of 18 in My Kanta Pages. The objective is to deploy the function in early 2021.

In My Kanta you can see your own health data.