website updated with new information on housing benefits – information now easier to find

Our updated pages provide clients with easily accessible information about housing benefits in their particular situation. The pages are now better adapted to mobile devices, too.

The updated pages on housing benefits are available in Finnish, Swedish and English on Kela’s website at

The information structure on our updated pages gives clients easy access to information that is relevant for their place of residence or type of accommodation. The pages now have a clearer content and structure and we strive to provide explanations of difficult concepts by, for instance, giving examples.

Many clients visit our website to find information on how income affects housing allowance. Even clearer information about the impact that other benefits, wages and capital income have on the amount of benefit is now available on our updated pages.

Most of the content on the website focuses on general housing allowance, a benefit intended for clients with low incomes. The purpose of general housing allowance is to help clients cope with housing costs. In 2021, nearly 520,000 households received general housing allowance.

Easier to use on a mobile device

Our website update focused particularly on clients who browse the website on a mobile device. The content and design of the new pages allow easier access to information for mobile users. Currently, about 60 per cent of visits to our website are made by mobile users.

Background information used for the work to update our website included client feedback and the results of a client survey on Instagram.

Feedback on our new website and suggestions can be sent to

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