Reminder for students to request a review of their housing benefit for summer earnings

Earnings from a summer job can affect the amount of the general housing allowance. Students should request a review of their housing benefit as soon as they have a summer job lined up.

The general housing allowance is reviewed if the income of the recipient household increases by 400 euros or more or decreases by 200 euros or more from what it was at the time of the previous determination.

Students should request a review as soon as details of their summer job have been confirmed and they have signed an employment contract to avoid not having to pay back any overpaid benefit afterwards.

It is particularly important to request a review if no other income than the study grant was taken into account when eligibility for the housing allowance was last determined. Students who have earnings that were taken into account when their eligibility was last determined should first use the housing allowance calculator (available in Finnish and Swedish only) to check whether they exceed the limit at which a review should be carried out  

Students who do not pay anything for housing in the summer must stop their housing allowance for the duration of the summer.

Request a review online

The quickest and easiest way to request a review is to do so online. Supporting documents can also be sent online. You can take a photo of a supporting document with your phone and send it online if it is clearly legible.

Students who live alone and whose housing costs remain unchanged must attach a picture of their employment contract with the request. A picture of the student’s payslip must also be attached if already available.

Students living with a roommate or a spouse or partner must state the income of all household members and attach appropriate documentation.

When a review is requested on account of a change in income, the housing allowance is reviewed from the beginning of the month following the first full month in which the change in income was in effect.

For example, if the first day of a summer job is

  • 1 June, the allowance is reviewed with effect from 1 July
  • 4 June, the allowance is reviewed with effect from 1 August.

Housing allowance can be paid during temporary absence from principal residence

Students can be paid housing allowance while living temporarily away from their principal residence. For example, students who have a summer job in another town but continue to pay rent for their principal residence can be paid housing allowance for up to three months. Payment of the housing allowance is stopped at the beginning of the fourth month if the student has not returned to the principal residence by then. Housing allowance can only be paid for one dwelling at a time.

It is granted to the entire household as a whole. The application is made by one household member on behalf of all residents. The income of each household member is taken into account when eligibility is assessed.

The following count as household income for housing allowance purposes: earnings, investment income and many social benefits, including the basic unemployment allowance, labour market subsidy and study grant. The student loan does not count as income.

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