The Kela-Kelpo chatbot can now assist customers applying for parental allowances

Kela-Kelpo is now able to answer questions about parental allowances and assist in filling out applications. Customers can ask Kela-Kelpo what documents to include with their application or how to notify if they work while on parental allowance.

Starting in June 2022, the Kela-Kelpo chatbot will answer questions posted by parents filling in applications for parental allowances in the OmaKela e-service. Its Swedish-language colleague FPA-Folke will also continue to assist families. The two chatbots help customers around the clock, every day of the year.

Kela-Kelpo learns new things every day

Kela-Kelpo and FPA-Folke have been helping customers on Kela’s website and in the OmaKela e-service since 2020.

In OmaKela, they help customers complete applications for parental allowance and basic social assistance, while at, they offer general information on family benefits, student benefits, general housing allowances and basic social assistance. This year, in conjunction with the family leave reform, the chatbots have learned new things and are now able to help customers filling out applications for parental allowance.

Kela-Kelpo is quick and eager to learn new things. Customer service specialists at Kela go through the conversations customers have with Kela-Kelpo on a daily basis, training the AI behind Kela-Kelpo to provide even better answers.

The questions that customers send to Kela are also used to train the AI. They have been used to identify popular topics and as a source of ready-made questions to train the chatbot.

Tips for conversing with Kela-Kelpo

The chatbots help customers around the clock, every day of the year. To get the most out of the chatbot, keep your questions short and to the point. Before calling customer service, see if Kela-Kelpo can answer your question. You should note that Kela-Kelpo cannot identify the person it is speaking with, so it is unable to help you with matters that are specific to your personal situation. Do not provide any personal information in your message.

The following tips can help you have a useful conversation with Kela-Kelpo:

  • Use key words, such as ‘parental allowance’ or ‘social assistance’.
  • Keep your sentences short.
  • Only ask one question at a time.
  • You can also ask about things that you would not be comfortable asking over the phone.
  • Kela-Kelpo is a good source of information on Kela terminology, so be sure to ask about specific terms that you would like to learn more about.

Find out more about Kela-Kelpo the chatbot: (In Finnish).