Kela’s cookie policy

Kela is committed to protecting the privacy of the users visiting its websites.

We collect visitor data for the purposes of statistics and user analytics. User data is anonymous, which means that individual users cannot be identified on the basis of the data collected. Users are not asked to consent to the use of user analytics.

Performance and statistical cookies: always enabled by default

We use performance and statistical cookies to ensure that our website works as intended and to collect statistical data to help us improve the site. These cookies are always enabled on the website, in the calculators and in the e-service, which requires users to sign in.

These cookies are always active and users are not expressly asked to consent to them. They are required when users log in to Kela’s e-service, for example to apply for benefits. They are session cookies, which means that they are deleted automatically when you close the browser.

We use Piwik Pro for web analytics. We collect statistical data for example on:

  • the number of visitors to the website
  • types of devices used to access the website
  • the online address from which users access the website
  • the individual pages visited.

The data collected for use in Piwik Pro is anonymous and not linked to specific individuals. This means that the data is anonymised in the manner required by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. The last two segments in IP addresses are deleted, and location data are reviewed at a general level only. Because user data is anonymised, it cannot be used as personal data and cannot be associated with a specific individual even if linked to data from other sources. Re-identification is thus prevented. Users cannot be identified on the basis of their IP address or location. Fingerprint authentication is disabled as well.

Statistical data collected for use in Piwik Pro is not matched with e-service log-in data or any other data we use which allows the identification of individual users.

The cookies used by Piwik Pro are first-party cookies, which means that the data is property of and only usable by Kela. The data is stored in a system operated by Kela’s contractual partner Fujitsu. The data collected in Piwik Pro is stored for a maximum three years. Click here for more information on how Piwik Pro uses cookies.

You can manage or delete cookies in your browser’s privacy settings and cookie settings.

Statistical tracking of content related to the Your Europe portal

Kela's website is part of the European Commission’s Your Europe portal. Your Europe offers citizens and companies of EU member states easy access to member state information, procedures, and assistance and problem-solving services.

User statistics on the pages linked to the Your Europe portal are collected with the Matomo analytics tool. In addition to the page URL, the data collected includes the number of users, their country of origin, and the device used to access the page. The data is anonymous and not linked to individual persons. The data is available only to Kela, the European Commission and the national coordinators named in the Regulation. The data is stored in the European Commission’s data warehouse for a maximum three years, after which it is deleted automatically. The collection of user data is part of the process of monitoring the implementation of the Regulation (EU) 2018/1724 establishing a single digital gateway.

The following pages on the website are linked to the Your Europe portal:

Cookies used for targeted communications

We do not collect targeting cookies for the purposes of optimising marketing measures.