Qualifying period for persons without education

If you have no completed vocational training, you must complete a 5-month (21 weeks) qualifying period to be eligible for labour market subsidy. No qualifying period is required if labour market subsidy is paid immediately after unemployment allowance (basic or earnings-related) has been paid for the maximum period of time.

When does the qualifying period start?

The qualifying period starts

  • when you register as unemployed and looking for work
  • when you register as unemployed and looking for work and your full-time studies have ended
  • when the period without benefit, i.e. the waiting period ends
  • when the work requirement is met.

Start of the qualifying period when a work requirement has been imposed

If you are under 25 years of age and you have not completed vocational training and you have lost your entitlement to unemployment benefit because you have not applied for a place of study or accepted a place of study and for that reason been set a work requirement of 21 weeks by the TE Services, the qualifying period starts after this requirement has been met. If you participate in employment promoting measures when the requirement is met, the waiting period starts when the employment promoting measure ends.

What reduces the qualifying period?

The qualifying period is reduced by full calendar weeks during which you have

For instance work done while completing a waiting period imposed by the TE Services cannot be deducted from the qualifying period.

Who decides on the qualifying period?

Kela decides on the length of the qualifying period. Kela receives information on applications for study made, on when the waiting period has ended and if the work requirement is fulfilled. The length of the qualifying period is decided based on this information.

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