Benefits for LGBT families

This page collects information about benefits for LGBT families where the qualifying conditions for LGBT families differ from those which apply to other families. See the pages nonspecific benefits for more information about other family benefits.

Parental allowances

Maternity allowance is paid only to the child's biological mother.

The mother's married spouse or cohabiting or registered partner can take parental leave. A parental allowance or partial parental allowance is paid during the leave. The spouses (or partners) can agree which of them will look after the child at home. They also have the option to split the child care period, but both cannot be on leave at the same time (with the exception of the partial parental allowance).

The mother's spouse or partner is also entitled to paternity allowance. It is not necessary for her to have adopted the child of the other spouse or partner in order to qualify for paternity or parental allowance.

The child's biological father is entitled to a paternity and parental allowance only if the child is living with him and if he provides care for the child. The father's spouse or partner is not entitled to maternity, paternity or parental allowance payments.

Maternity, paternity and parental allowance in a family with adopted children

Joint adoption

Married same-sex couples can adopt a child together.

The adoptive parents can agree which of them will look after the child at home during the parental allowance period for the adoptive parent. They can also split the parental allowance period.

Adoptive parents are also entitled to one paternity allowance period of 54 working days. They can agree which of them will claim the parental allowance. It is not possible to split the parental allowance period between the two parents.

Step-child adoption

Parents who adopt their spouse's child are not entitled to a parental or paternity allowance for adoptive parents. However, any remaining parental allowance entitlement of the biological parent can be split and the spouse or partner is also entitled to paternity allowance.

Child maintenance allowance

The child of a female couple may be entitled to a child maintenance allowance if paternity has not been established for the child. The entitlement to the allowance ends if one partner adopts the other's child. However, child maintenance allowance can be paid for the duration of the adoption process.
A child of a male couple is not entitled to child maintenance allowance on the same basis.

When and how to claim

The section on How to claim parental allowance contains information about when to file a claim, as well as other instructions. Parental allowance can be claimed online.
Paternity allowance is claimed on a form titled Parental benefits for fathers (SV 29a). This form is also used when the claimant is a woman. The allowance can also be claimed online.

Fertility treatment

Kela reimburses part of the costs of fertility treatment, if the infertility is due to illness. For details, see Korvauskäytäntöjä (in Finnish) or Ersättningspraxis (in Swedish) and Korvaustaksat (in Finnish) or Taxor för sjukvårdsersättningar (in Swedish).