Examination and treatment

Kela pays reimbursement for part of the cost of examinations and treatments ordered by a doctor in private practice if they are needed because of an illness. The maximum amount that can be reimbursed is equal to a predetermined reimbursement tariff. Reimbursement tariffs can be found here (PDF, in Finnish).

Reimbursement is available for the following types of examinations and treatments:

  • laboratory tests
  • radiology examinations
  • physiotherapy
  • psychological evaluations
  • medical treatment
  • radiation and chemotherapy

The examination or treatment must be performed within one year of the doctor's order. For computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, reimbursement is available only if they were performed by a specialist doctor treating the patient.


The doctor orders an examination (e.g. a lung X-ray), which costs €70. The reimbursement tariff is €9. You pay €61 and any administrative charges.

Series of treatments

If your doctor refers you to a series of treatments, you can be reimbursed for up to 15 sessions. The full series must be completed within a year of the doctor's order.

When are reimbursements not available?

Reimbursements are not available if you have a doctor's note from a health centre referring you to an examination with a doctor in private practice. In that case the costs are covered either by the municipality or the patient. However, Kela does pay reimbursement for physiotherapy, lymph therapy or phototherapy for skin conditions provided on referral from a health centre or hospital doctor. Reimbursement for lymph therapy is only available if certain medical criteria are met.