Rental homes

Kela can pay housing allowance to households who are living permanently in a rental home.

Recognised as housing costs for a rental home are:

  • rent
  • water and heating costs paid separately from the rent.

If water is not included in the rent but is paid separately, EUR 18 per resident is accepted as water charges.

Household size EUR per month The regions of Etelä-Savo, Pohjois-Savo and Pohjois-Karjala
EUR per month
The regions of Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, Kainuu and Lapland
EUR per month
For separately paid heating costs, the following amounts are recognised
one person 41 43 44
+ each additional person 14 15 15

Rental agreement

Rental homes are dwellings where tenure is based on a legal rental agreement. A written rental agreement is required when applying for housing benefits.

Housing benefits are not paid for hotels, shelters or other housing establishments because residence is not based on a rental agreement. However, they can be paid for types of service or supported housing which are based on a rental agreement.

Housing benefits are also not available for housing provided as an employee fringe benefit or if the household does not pay anything for the housing.

Subleased flat

If you are living in a subleased flat

If the main tenant rents out part of a property to another person, this is called subleasing. The person living in the subleased flat is called the subtenant.

Housing benefits can also be paid for a subleased home. In the case of a sublease, tenure must be based on a rental agreement between the main tenant and the subtenant or on a rental agreement made directly with the landlord.

If you have rented out part of a flat on a sublease

If you get housing allowance payments and take in a subtenant, the amount of rent paid by the subtenant is deducted from the housing costs used to calculate your housing allowance. The rent paid by the subtenant is not counted as your income.

If the subtenant is your spouse or a close family member, they are considered to be part of your household regardless of whether they have a separate lease. The housing allowance is granted to the entire household as a whole, and its amount depends on the income of all household members, including a spouse or close family member who is a subtenant. Here, ‘close family member’ means children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents. ‘Spouse’ refers to married spouses and unmarried partners.

If you get housing allowance payments and take in a subtenant, tell Kela about it right away.

Secondary lease

Secondary lease means that you rent a flat to another person and no longer live in it yourself. If you rent your flat to another person, you cannot get housing allowance payments for that flat as long as it remains rented out.

If you get housing allowance payments and put your flat on secondary lease, tell Kela about it right away.