Research programme 2017-2020

Helping to deliver more effective social protection informed by research

With strong expertise in social and health policy, we are recognised for providing reliable and timely information on social security systems in support of decision-making.

We focus on the following:

  • Social security at different stages of life and in different situations
  • Benefit schemes administered by Kela
  • Kela’s customer service
  • Kela’s customers
  • Kela as a working environment

Finally, we coordinate the research that Kela does as a whole. The objective of our research is to evaluate and develop further the social protection system, including Kela’s operations and the benefit schemes it administers.

We take a multidisciplinary, comprehensive and broad-based approach to research, taking into account the changes in our operating environment and in the broader society. We recognise a number of megatrends in societal development, including the diminution of economic resources, the ageing of the population, development of home care, changes in family structures, sustainable well-being, immigration, globalisation, changes in working life, digitalisation, and the development and increasing individualisation of healthcare technologies.

In order to gain a broad perspective, we follow international trends in social and health policy and perform international comparisons. We pay special attention to the points of view of citizens and customers and to the realisation of equality and social justice.