School transport subsidy in the coronavirus situation

In several regions, secondary education has switched to remote learning for 3 weeks for the period from 8 to 28 March 2021, and it is not certain whether a return to classroom instruction will be possible during the spring. For this reason, Kela will interrupt the payment of school transport subsidy for all students on 1 April 2021. Thus no school transport subsidy for April will be paid at the beginning of April.

All recipients of school transport subsidy will get a letter from Kela about the interruption in the payment of the subsidy. Unfortunately we will have to send the letter to all recipients of school transport subsidy even though the switch to remote learning does not concern all students.

Please tell us if you still travel to school by replying to the letter. The payment of school transport subsidy will continue.

If you do not reply to the letter, Kela will have to withdraw your school transport subsidy as of the beginning of April.

You will not be required to pay back the school transport subsidy you received for March.

If the school transport subsidy is withdrawn, you must file a new application for the subsidy when you again have trips to school. School transport subsidy can be granted in the spring term under the changed entitlement criteria.

School transport subsidy can be paid under the changed entitlement criteria in the period 1 January to 31 July 2021  

The entitlement criteria for the school transport subsidy have been changed temporarily because remote learning has reduced travel to school.

You can qualify for school transport subsidy temporarily if you make at least eight return trips that meet the requirements in one calendar month. You qualify under the changed rules only if the number of trips to school has decreased because of special arrangements your school has made to provide instruction during the coronavirus epidemic.

You can be granted school transport subsidy, if instruction is arranged face-to-face for instance every two weeks or two days per week.

The other entitlement criteria for school transport subsidy remain unchanged: the distance to school must be at least 10 kilometres and the travel costs must, not including exceptions, amount to at least €54 per month.

Do as follows

  1. If you have not previously applied for school transport subsidy or if the subsidy has been cancelled because you have not travelled to school frequently enough, you can apply for school transport subsidy.
  2. Complete the form Koulumatkatukihakemus KM 1 (pdf) and file it with your school. Unfortunately, you cannot apply for school transport subsidy online in Kela's e-service.
  3. Your school checks the information in the application and supplements the application with information on whether you travel to school less frequently because more instruction is arranged remotely due to the coronavirus epidemic.
  4. A written decision on your application will be sent to you by post. You can also view the decision in Kela’s e-service. If you are under 18, Kela will communicate the decision also to your legal guardian.

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