Sickness allowance for employees

If an employer continues to pay an employee during a leave of absence, the sickness allowance is usually claimed by the employer. In such cases Kela pays the sickness allowance directly to the employer.

If necessary, Kela will ask you to provide further information or to submit a claim. Visit Kela's e-service website if you wish to see the information that your employer has provided to Kela. You will also be given a written decision on any claim submitted by your employer.

The length of the paid sick leave is defined in sectoral collective agreements. If your absence from work continues, and your employer no longer pays you, Kela pays the sickness allowance to you.

For further information about paid sick leave, contact the person responsible for pay and compensation matters at your workplace.

If you feel that you are able to work part time despite your incapacity, talk to your employer and your occupational health care provider. You may be eligible for a partial sickness allowance.

Statement from the occupational health doctor is required after 90 days of sickness allowance

You may be able to get sickness allowance based on a statement from a doctor of your choice. In the event of prolonged illness a statement from an occupational health doctor is required as well. The occupational health doctor evaluates your remaining capacity for work. With your cooperation, your employer and occupational health care provider evaluate your ability to continue working.

You must provide  Kela a statement from your occupational health doctor by the time you have been paid sickness allowance for 90 working days. The statement is required so that you can continue to be paid sickness allowance after 90 days