Other situations


If you are under 68 years of age, receive a pension, and work while receiving a pension, you may be entitled to sickness allowance.

Job alternation leave

If you are on job alternation leave, your fitness for work is evaluated in the context of the work you did before the leave. If you do some other kind of work while on job alternation leave, your fitness for work is evaluated in the context of that work. In your claim, explain the type of work that you do.

Family caregivers and foster care providers

If you are a family caregiver or foster care provider, explain in the claim you submit to Kela the types of things you do as a caregiver and what arrangements have been put in place to ensure the care of your family member or foster child during your illness.

Managing your own household

If you manage your own household, describe the tasks involved and explain how your illness prevents you from managing your household. In such situations, the ability of the person on care leave to manage their household and care for their children is assessed. Describe in your claim what arrangements have been made with regard to your household and child care tasks for the duration of your illness.

Conscript service

Sickness allowance is not payable during conscript service. If you sustain an injury during conscript service, claim compensation from the State Treasury under the Military Injuries Act. If the compensation is delayed, you can claim sickness allowance while your compensation claim is being dealt with.

Scholarships and grants

If you are paid a scholarship or grant, you may be eligible for sickness allowance if you are unable, because of an illness, to carry out work for which you were awarded the scholarship or grant. Indicate in your claim who pays you the scholarship or grant, and describe the kind of work you do. Also explain how your illness prevents you from doing the work.

As a scholarship or grant recipient you are probably insured by the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution (Mela) under the Farmers' Pension Insurance (MYEL) scheme. In that case Mela can pay you a daily allowance during the waiting period for the sickness allowance. Additional information about the MYEL insurance is available from Mela.