Sickness allowance for students

If you fall ill during your studies, you may be entitled to sickness allowance. If you are ill for more than two months, the sickness allowance is your best choice when it comes to maintaining economic security. You should claim sickness allowance so as not to use up the months for which you can get financial aid for students.

If you are ill for a maximum of two months you can still receive student financial aid in the normal manner. An illness of a short duration and diminished academic performance do not disqualify you for financial aid.

Sickness allowance and financial aid for students cannot both be paid at the same time. Your financial aid is stopped with effect from the month in which you are first paid sickness allowance for at least 18 calendar days. If you have been paid financial aid for the same period of time, you will have to pay it back.

As your recovery proceeds, you can study a certain amount while receiving sickness allowance. This means completing up to 40% of the targeted study progress for the term or academic year.

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