Eligibility for spouse's pension

In order to get a spouse’s pension, you must have been married to or have lived in a registered partnership with the deceased. Spouse’s pension is not available following the death of a common-law spouse, but the children of the deceased may be eligible for an orphan's pension.

If you and your spouse/partner do not or did not have a child, you can only get a spouse’s pension if all the following criteria are met:

  • You were at least 50 years old when your spouse/partner died.
  • You were aged less than 50 years and your spouse/partner less than 65 years when you were married or entered into a registered partnership.
  • Your marriage/partnership lasted at least 5 years.

If your marriage/partnership was dissolved before your spouse/partner died and he or she paid you maintenance payments, you can receive part of his or her earnings-related pension as a spouse's pension.

Kela will not pay a continuing pension to the spouse’s pension at the same time if you receive
•    a disability pension (national pension)
•    an early old-age pension (national pension) or
•    a comparable pension from abroad.

However, Kela will pay the amount of the initial pension which exceeds the amount of the national pension.