Effects of income and assets on the spouse's pension

Income and assets affect the different components of the spouse's pension differently.

Initial pension

Your income, pensions and assets do not affect the amount of the initial pension.

If you receive a national pension or a comparable pension from abroad, you will receive as an initial pension only the amount that exceeds the amount of the national pension or the equivalent pension from abroad.

Basic amount of the continuing pension

Your income, pensions and assets do not affect the basic amount of the continuing pension.

Additional amount of the continuing pension

Almost all your incomes affect the additional amount of the continuing pension. However, only sixty percent of the amount of earned income and other equivalent income is taken into account. The interest on housing loans is deducted from the income, but not taxes. Your assets do not affect the additional amount.

If your income totals a maximum of EUR 56.04 per month, you can be granted the full additional amount. The full additional amount decreases according to a formula so that half of the monthly income that exceeds EUR 56.04 reduces the full amount. Thus the additional amount decreases when your income increases.

For instance unemployment benefits, sickness allowance, maternity, paternity and parental allowance as well as the care allowance included in the child home care allowance are considered as comparable to earnings. However, for farmers and self-employed persons, the income certified in accordance with the Self-Employed Persons’ Pensions Act or the Farmers’ Pensions Act counts for purposes of the additional amount.

In addition, the partial early old-age pension before the early retirement reduction is considered as income.

The following are not included as income:

  • increment for deferred retirement to the earnings-related pension if you continue working after having reached the lowest possible retirement age
  • earnings-related pension accrued before 1 January 2017 according to the transition rules when the pension has accrued after the age of 63 years.