How to apply for a spouse’s pension from Kela

  1. Apply for spouse's pension from both Kela and the earnings-related pension scheme on the same form.
  2. Complete and print the application form Spouse’s pension (ETK/KELA 7004e). Mail the application along with the supporting documents to Kela or the authorised pension provider of your deceased spouse/partner.
  3. If your incomes are low, apply for an additional amount to the continuing pension on form Leskeneläkkeen täydennysmäärän hakemus (EV 277, in Finnish).
  4. If you or your spouse/partner have lived or worked abroad, you should also complete appendis U Residence and employment abroad (ETK/KELA 7110e).  You may also be entitled to a survivors’ pension from abroad.
  5. If you have children aged under 17 years, you should apply for a single-parent supplement to the child benefit. You will be granted the supplement if you have not started a new relationship after the death of your former spouse/partner.
  6. If your incomes are low, you can estimate your entitlement to housing allowance with the help of a calculator.

Employers will start reporting pay details to the Incomes Register as of 1 January 2019. Kela can use this data.

When to apply

Apply for a spouse’s pension starting from the beginning of the month following your spouse’s/partner’s death. Kela grants the benefit for a maximum of six months retrospectively.

When you want to see if your application has been decided, visit Kela's online customer service.

Further information