Statistical Yearbook of the Social Insurance Institution

This Yearbook presents key statistical data relating to the benefit schemes administered by the Social Insurance Institution. The first chapter includes a wide array of statistics on schemes operated by other organisations, describing the Kela administered schemes as part of that larger whole.

Along with statistical tables and charts in three languages (Finnish, Swedish and English), the Yearbook includes a text summary of the Kela-administered benefit schemes and eligibility criteria in English.

The first edition of the Yearbook was published in 1965. The Yearbook 1996 is the first ever published also in PDF format.

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ISSN 1795-5165 = Suomen virallinen tilasto (Print)
ISSN 1796-5659 = Kelan tilastollinen vuosikirja (Print)
ISSN 1796-0479 = Suomen virallinen tilasto (Online)
ISSN 1796-5667 = Kelan tilastollinen vuosikirja (Online)

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