Statistics on the benefits paid by Kela in respect of unemployment

Latest release 30 November 2020:
Expenditure on unemployment benefits amounted to €3,591 million in 2019. Unemployment funds accounted for a total of €1,721 million and Kela for €1,870 million. The expenditure declined by 7.8% from 2018. Statistical yearbook on unemployment protection in Finland 2019 (

A total of 329,900 persons received unemployment benefits at year-end 2019, which represents 10% of the Finnish population between ages 17 and 64. The percentage of recipients in the population varied by municipality between 3.4 and 19.4. The highest rates of benefit receipt were seen in Eastern Finland. (Chart.)

Map of recipients about benefits payable in respect of unemployment as a share of municipal population aged 17–64 at year-end 2019.

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