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Producer: Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

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The population data compiled by Kela are used as auxiliary data for the statistics produced on the basis of Kela's benefit systems, for example for the purpose of calculating the shares of beneficiaries in the general population.

Data content

The population data compiled by Kela refer to the population permanently resident in Finland at year-end This includes Finnish and foreign nationals permanently resident in Finland on the last day of the year even if temporarily living abroad.

Classifications used

The population is classified according to age, sex, municipality of residence and general municipality-based regional classifications (such as province or hospital district).

Data collection methods and data sources

The population data are based on Kela's individual-level database, which is updated with data from the Population Register Centre concerning changes in the population.

Updating frequency

Published annually. The statistics refer to the last day of the year.

Time of completion or release

When used as auxiliary data, the population data compiled by Kela are updated more frequently (for example at the end of each month) with data obtained from the Population Register Centre.

Time series

Since 2004, 'population' has been defined in the Kela statistics identically to the concept of ‘population resident in Finland' used by Statistics Finland.


Demographic statistics, population.

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