Statistics on basic social assistance

Produced by: Kela - The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

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Basic social assistance data cubes

Data on the basic social assistance administered and paid out by Kela are collected into summary records referred to as data cubes. For privacy reasons, Kela is unable to publish the data cubes on the internet. Statistics which can be produced from the data cubes are available free of charge from Kela's statistical data service upon request. Requests should be sent to tilastot (at) Please allow about two weeks for a reply.


The statistics on basic social assistance contain data on the payments of basic social assistance made by Kela and on the number of individual and household recipients of the assistance. Social assistance is a last-resort form of income support. It consists of basic assistance, supplementary assistance and preventive assistance. Since 1 January 2017, applications for social assistance are submitted to Kela, which reviews the applicant's right to basic social assistance. Kela has also collected statistical data on basic social assistance payments and recipients since the beginning of 2017