Concepts: Statistics on conscript’s allowance

Statistical units

Decisions on conscript’s allowance

All applications for conscript’s allowance are processed and decided at the local administration level in Kela’s insurance districts. Decisions are either favourable or unfavourable, or they can be issued to stop the payment of a conscript's allowance.

The applicants are provided with a reviewed decision if the grounds for their application changes. Applicants are provided with a cancellation decision if payment of the conscript’s allowance is interrupted, entitlement to the allowance ends, or the conditions attached to the payment of the benefit are otherwise not met.

Recipients of conscript’s allowances

‘Recipient of conscript’s allowance’ refers to persons who were paid conscript’s allowance during the year in question. A recipient of conscript’s allowance can be a person performing conscript service or a family member of a person performing conscript service.

Kela provides a conscript’s allowance for persons performing their compulsory military or alternative service and for their family members. Persons in refresher training are also eligible. Conscript’s allowance is also available for persons performing voluntary military service and their family members.

Factors describing recipients of conscript’s allowance and expenditure


The municipality of residence of a recipient of conscript’s allowance refers to the municipality in which he or she was resident at the end of the year. In the analyses by region, persons who live outside Finland are only included in the figures for the whole country. The population data are based on Kela’s database of general data, and refer to the situation at the end of the year.


The age of the recipients of conscript’s allowance refers to their age at the end of the year.