Concepts: Statistics on housing allowance for pensioners

Statistical units


Recipients include persons who have received regular payments of the housing allowance for pensioners in the reference period. The housing allowance for pensioners is paid out to individual recipients. If each spouse or partner receives housing allowance payments, both are included as recipients in the statistics.


The statistics on housing allowances expenditures include all of the payments made during the reference period; i.e., both regular payments and amounts recovered or repaid.

Housing costs

Housing costs for rental dwellings are recorded in the statistics as such. However, costs exceeding a specified maximum amount are not taken into account when calculating the allowance.

Interest payments on housing loans for owner-occupied dwellings are recorded in the statistics as per the amounts recognised when calculating the housing allowance. For single-family homes, housing costs are calculated on the basis fixed amounts specified by law, minus interest payments.

Income relevant to the housing allowance

Income relevant to the housing allowance is the household income which affects the amount of the housing allowance.

Statistical classifications


The basis for the regional classifications used in the statistics on housing allowances for pensioners is the municipality in which the dwelling is located.


Dwellings are classified as rental or owner-occupied. Rental dwellings also include right-of-occupancy dwellings, partial-ownership dwellings, and student dwellings. Owner-occupied dwellings include units in a housing cooperative and single-family homes. Assisted living and housing service facilities are both included under assisted living. Dormitories and shelters are classified in a separate category, as are persons living in the single-family house of a close relative.

Housing financing data are based on data from the Population Register Centre.

Living area data are from the Population Register Centre, with possible modifications made by the Kela benefit administration. For the housing allowance for pensioners, the amount of square metres is usually shown as per recipient. This is somewhat less than the actual living area, because in pensioner couples where both receive a pension, both are included as recipients when calculating averages. If the housing allowance for pensioners is calculated on the basis of fixed average housing costs specified by law, the full living area is assigned to the applicant. Living area data is not recorded for assisted living facilities, dormitories or shelters. Neither the average amount of square metres nor the amount of square metres per person is calculated for them. Such cases are also not included when calculating averages for all recipients.