Concepts: Statistics on maternity grant

Statistical units


Recorded as recipients are persons who have been provided a maternity grant in the form of a cash grant or a maternity package, or who have been paid an adoption grant. Recipients may also be referred to as families in receipt of a maternity or adoption grant.


The number of children includes the children for whom a maternity or adoption grant was paid during the reference period.

Grants paid

The number of maternity and adoption grants paid in the reference period.

Benefit expenditure

The benefit expenditure includes all maternity and adoption grant payments made in the reference period. It corresponds to the benefit expenditure recorded in the Kela accounts.

Statistical classifications


The recipient’s age at the end of the reference year.


For the recipient, the municipality of residence refers to the municipality in which he or she was resident at the end of the year. Children’s municipality of residence is determined according to their parent’s or provider municipality of residence. The classification by regions is based on the municipality of residence.

The statistics only cover mainland Finland.

Type of maternity grant

Depending on the recipient’s stated preference, the maternity grant is provided in the form of either a maternity package or a cash grant for each child.