Description of statistics: Statistics on the pensions provided by Kela

Produced by: Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Web page: Statistics on the pensions provided by Kela

The Finnish pension system is comprised, broadly, of two statutory schemes which provide, respectively, national pensions and earnings-related pensions. The statistics on the pensions provided by Kela present a general picture of pension benefits provided by Kela.

Data content

The statistics contain data on pension recipients and their benefits at specific points in time, the pensions having granted during a specific period, and the expenditure on pensions during a specific period.

Classifications used

Benefit category, benefit composition, benefit component, family category, general regional classifications, classification of diseases (ICD-10), occupation and professional status, general demographic classifications.

Data collection methods and data sources

Compiled from individual-level datasets, which are based on benefit databases created in the course of administering the pensions provided by Kela.

Updating frequency

Published monthly and annually.

Time of completion or release

Statistics are made available in the Kelasto statistical database within four weeks of the end of the reference period. Publication dates of statistical publications can be found in the release calendar.

Time series

Information about the pensions provided by Kela is available starting from 1942.


Statistics (data), pensions, national pensions, survivors’ pensions, pensioners, front-veterans’ supplements, child increases, guarantee pension.