Description of statistics:
Statistics on unemployment protection in Finland

Produced by: Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA)

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The statistics on unemployment protection in Finland provide a general picture of income replacement in the event of unemployment. They also cover benefits provided by Kela paid out during participation in employment-promoting measures, job alternation compensations, and commuting and relocation allowances.

Data content

Benefit recipients, days covered and benefits paid.

Classifications used

Type of benefit, basis of eligibility (benefit paid for the period of unemployment or during participation in employment-promoting services), type of compensation (full benefit, adjusted benefit etc.), duration of unemployment, occupation, general regional classifications, and general demographic classifications.

Data collection methods and data sources

Data on benefits paid by the unemployment funds are retrieved from the FIN-FSA’s unemployment beneficiary register, to which unemployment funds or their payment systems provide quarterly data on benefits and beneficiaries, and from monthly summary files on individual unemployment funds.

The unemployment benefit statistics are compiled from individual-level datasets, which are based on the benefit system for unemployment benefits administered by Kela.

Updating frequency

Statistics are published monthly and yearly.

Time of completion or release

Monthly statistics on unemployment protection in Finland are published during the month following the statistical reference month, while the annual statistics come out in the autumn of the following year. Temporal cross-section data are published four times a year and subsequent to the publication of other data: the number of recipients at the end of the month within each quarter is released about 4 months after the end of the quarter.

Time series

The statistics on unemployment protection are comparable from 1985 (the first year in which Kela paid unemployment benefits). In 1994, the labour market subsidy was introduced and the criteria for the payment of the basic unemployment allowance were amended. In 2010 the basic unemployment allowance became payable not only during unemployment but also during participation in employment-promoting services. Training subsidy and training allowance were discontinued as standalone benefits at that same time. In 2013, the means testing rules for the labour market subsidy were modified to exclude spousal income. The labour market subsidy paid in the form of integration assistance for immigrants was discontinued in 2015. Payments continued in the form of the regular labour market subsidy. There have been several subsequent minor legislative changes.


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