Supervision of Kela's operations

This page describes how Kela’s operations are supervised, outlines the role of different supervisory bodies, and lays out the ways in which the supervisory activities are reported.

Kela’s administration and operations are supervised by the Finnish Parliament

Kela is an independent social security institution supervised by Parliament. Kela has its own administration and budget and is distinct from the administrative apparatus of the Finnish Government. This separate status is based on Kela's statutory position under the supervision of Parliament.

Unlike the institutions which are directly part of the state administration, Kela does not fall under the Government's guidance and supervisory authority.

Supervisory bodies

Kela's operations are supervised by the following bodies:

  • Parliamentary Trustees
  • Auditors appointed by the Trustees
  • External auditors
  • Kela's Board
  • Audit Committee
  • Internal Audit.

Parliament-appointed Trustees supervise Kela's operations

Auditors also supervise Kela’s administration, asset management and operations

The Board sets Kela’s general operational priorities

The Audit Committee evaluates the adequacy of risk management measures and supervises the Internal Audit

Internal Audit supports Kela in developing its operations and reaching its goals