Terms of use for Kela’s online service

The kela.fi website offers information to private citizens about the services available from Kela in different circumstances of life. Further, the website describes when and how to claim benefits and what documents are needed in support of a claim. The website also caters to employers and partner organisations.

Through the e-service individual customers can conduct their business with Kela. For example, they can apply for nearly all of the benefits available from Kela and check whether their application has been decided, how much they will be paid, and what the payment dates are. Online banking credentials or other suitable identification is needed to sign in to the e-service. Also employers and partner organisations can interact with Kela through the e-service.

The decisions issued by Kela concerning specific benefits are always based on law and not on the content of this online service.

We make every effort to ensure that the content is up to date. We try to describe the Finnish social security system, and the often complicated legislation governing it, in plain language.

The legislation on benefits is drawn up by Parliament or the Government. Kela is responsible for implementing the legislation.

Downloadable files

Most of the files available for download on this site are in pdf format. Users need a special program, such as Adobe Reader (available free of charge), to read them.