Topics for targeted research funding

Targeted research funding was in 2019 available for the following topics:

  1. Development of the occupational healthcare reimbursement system – Does the reimbursement system meet the needs of the client workplaces and does it promote the further development of occupational healthcare activity? 
  2. Will private insurance plans replace the reimbursements currently available from Kela for medical expenses? The reimbursements provided by Kela for the cost of private medical care are expected to be abolished soon. How significant have they been? Will they be replaced by private insurance arrangements?  How do insurance companies see the Kela reimbursements? The study may consist, among other things, of interviews with different entities.
  3. The taxi market: Functioning and competition Kela (along with other public-sector organisations) is an important source of financing in the Finnish taxi market. We are looking for more detailed information on the functioning of the taxi market, including such questions as: What factors promote or inhibit market entry? How competitive is the taxi market now and historically? How could public procurement be implemented cost efficiently while guaranteeing the availability, quality and safety of taxi services? How to ensure that taxi services are in sufficient supply also in rural areas?
  4. Virtual rehabilitation: A literature review Virtual rehabilitation, augmented reality and robotics are becoming a more important part of medical rehabilitation services. We are looking for clinical experiences and evidence of their usefulness, including their effectiveness, cost efficiency, best practices, benefits and potential risks, empirical data, experiences with the use of virtual rehabilitation, what are the key factors associated with such rehabilitation, and how extensively it is implemented. The studies can be of a quantitative or qualitative nature.

Funding may be available also for studies outside the topics for targeted funding

Research funding may also be available for studies that promote the objectives specified in section 12 of the KKRL Act.