Unemployed or not?

The employment and economic development services (TE Services) send Kela a labour policy statement. The statement determines whether you are an unemployed jobseeker who can be granted an unemployment benefit. If you are a full-time student or self-employed person, you cannot be granted an unemployment benefit.

However, full-time studies can be supported through an unemployment benefit in the case of self-motivated studies which have been agreed on in the employment plan.

A person who is self-employed on a part-time basis can be paid unemployment benefits if they are prepared to take a full-time job in compliance with the requirements set out by the TE Services.

Further, jobseekers who are 25 years of age or over can study for a short period of up to six months without losing their right to unemployment benefits. The studies must provide them with vocational skills or support self-employment. TE Services investigates whether these conditions are met.

Kela investigates the labour market obstacles. These include conscript and alternative civilian service, prison sentence, hospital or institutional care, and other comparable reasons.

Unemployment benefits can only be paid if the jobseeker is available to the labour market.

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