Unemployment benefits in the coronavirus situation

If you have become unemployed or temporarily laid off, you should always first register as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Services.

If you are a member of an unemployment fund and meet a specified work requirement, apply for earnings-related unemployment benefit in accordance with the guidelines of your unemployment fund (tyj.fi, The Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland).

If you are not a member of an unemployment fund, or you do not meet the specified work requirement, you can apply to Kela for unemployment benefits.

The temporary changes to the unemployment benefits ended on 28 February 2022

A number of temporary changes to the unemployment benefits were introduced for the period 1 January 2022–28 February 2022. The changes have now ended.

If you apply for an unemployment benefit retroactively, Kela can apply the legal provisions that are no longer in effect. Applications for unemployment benefits can be backdated for up to 3 months.

Starting 1 March 2022, applications for unemployment benefits are processed in the following manner:

  • Self-employed persons are not entitled to labour market subsidy if the entrepreneurial activity still continues. Kela has paid temporary labour market subsidy for self-employed persons until 28 February 2022.
  • At the beginning of the unemployment period, there is a waiting period. Unemployment benefits are payable after a waiting period of 5 days.

Change to speed up the processing of applications will be in effect until the end of 2022

The processing of applications for unemployment benefits will continue so that the earnings are adjusted with the unemployment benefit in periods of four weeks or one month even when the period includes days for which the applicant is not entitled to unemployment benefits. Wages paid during the period are thus taken into account in the adjustment even if there is no entitlement to unemployment benefits for the day the wages are paid. These criteria will be effective 11 May 2020-31 December 2022.