Vocational rehabilitation courses

A vocational rehabilitation course may be good option for a person whose ability to choose an occupation or education or to find work is impaired by an illness or difficult life circumstances. It may also be the right choice if you need life management support or help finding your own resources, starting an education or looking for a job.

A rehabilitation course may be suitable for you if you

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  • are unemployed
  • have interrupted your studies.
  • are switching occupations
  • are going back to work from retirement.

Courses are organised for the following age groups:

  • ages 18-25
  • ages 26-60
  • ages 18-60.

The courses are organised in a group setting. They comprise a group-based programme, an interim period that includes assignments, individual guidance and job training.

Rehabilitation is provided to you free of charge. You may also be entitled to a rehabilitation allowance for the duration of the rehabilitation. Kela also offers compensation for rehabilitation-related travel costs.

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