Kela's organisation consists of six units: Management, Advisory Staff Unit, Benefit Services, Customer Relationships, Operational Development, ICT Services and Shared Services.

020 634 11

When calling from abroad +358 20 634 11

Email addresses
Email addresses of Kela's staff:

Main office
Visiting address
Nordenskiöldinkatu 12, 00250 Helsinki
Postal address
P.O. BOX 450, 00056 KELA

Pitäjänmäki office
Visiting address
Höyläämötie 1 a B, 00380 Helsinki
Postal address
P.O. BOX 80, 00056 KELA

Jyväskylä office
Postal address
P.O. BOX 40, 40056 KELA

Contact details for Kela offices can also be found in local telephone directories.

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Updated 28/01/2016