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About this website

The kela.fi website offers information to private citizens about the assistance and benefits available from Kela in different circumstances. In Finnish and Swedish it also offers service to employers, Kela's cooperation partners and other stakeholders.

The decisions issued by Kela concerning specific benefits are always based on law and not on the content of this website. However, we make every effort to ensure that the content is up to date. The date at the bottom of each page shows when it was last updated.

We try to describe the Finnish social security system, and the often complicated legislation governing it, in plain language.

The legislation on benefits is drawn up by Parliament or the Government. Kela is responsible for implementing the legislation.

Downloadable files

The files linked on this service are primarily in PDF format. They can be opened in a browser or with a PDF reader. For example Adobe Reader, which is a free download, can be used for this purpose.

Maintenance and development

This website is maintained and developed by Kela’s Communications Unit.

If you wish to provide general feedback about our website, please use the feedback form at the bottom of this page. If your feedback is about a specific page and its content, you can click the button that can be found in the section titled “Did you find this page useful?” at the bottom of each page.


Kela holds the copyright and all other rights to this website. However, the content at kela.fi may be used freely with proper attribution and with the understanding that the user undertakes to keep the content sourced from kela.fi up to date.
You are also free to link to Kela’s pages.

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