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Registers containing customer information

Kela's data protection principles

We exercise due care and diligence in all our operations and ensure a high level of data protection.

We take all necessary steps to guarantee the security and confidentiality of customer information. We tell our customers what information Kela has on file about them and how such information is used.

Sources of customer information

  • Information relevant to the processing of a claim for benefit is obtained from the claim, i.e., from the customer him- or herself.
  • Personal details are obtained from the Population Register Centre.
  • Tax information is obtained from the Tax Administration.
  • Further, Kela has a statutory right to obtain certain information relevant to specific benefits from various institutions and authorities, including pension providers and insurance companies, labour authorities and social welfare and health authorities.

The purposes for which customer information is used

  • Customer information is used in a variety of contexts related to the granting and disbursement of benefits and to the delivery of customer service.
  • It can also be used for various statistical purposes as defined in law.

Release of customer information to third parties

  • Upon the consent of the customer or as specified by law, customer information can be released to such organizations as the Tax Administration, earnings-related pension providers and insurers, and social welfare and health authorities.

Kela personnel authorized to handle customer information

At Kela, customer information is handled solely by personnel who need it in order to discharge tasks related to the administration of benefits. This includes customer service staff at local offices and claims adjudication staff in the central administration.

All Kela staff must sign a confidentiality agreement by which they commit not to disclose any information subject to confidentiality under the Act on the Openness of Government Activities. This includes customer information concerning the health, financial or family status of customers or their receipt of social security benefits. The confidentiality obligation remains in force also in off-duty hours and after resignation from Kela service.

Types of customer information held on file at Kela

The attached register descriptions conforming to the provisions of the Personal Data Act can also be consulted at Kela offices. They detail the personal data files maintained by Kela and specify the information contained in the files. Customers can also contact a Kela office to check what personal information is on file about them. The majority of the customer information is contained in the benefits register.